Interior Designer Manhattan Beach

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Interior Designer Manhattan Beach

Interior design is an intimidating and complicated proposition, with the potential of charging a fortune. Fortunately, there is a slew of design services that ensure the best outcome at affordable rates. Other people prefer the DIY route because they assume it will produce the same results at no cost.

The truth is a DIY interior design project can result in fatal mistakes that you could avoid with professional services. You need to understand that professional interior design is an official project like any other, such as hiring an attorney. While you can put together a case that favors the judge’s verdict, it is best to hire an attorney for the best possible outcome. You want to hire an interior designer in Manhattan Beach for the following benefits:

  • Insider knowledge of interior design styles
  • An advantage of professional tools like project management software
  • Simplified project execution with definable steps

How does the interior designer in Manhattan Beach charge?

The cost of the interior designer depends on their price structure. The main pricing models include:

  • Hourly – The interior designer may charge per hour for small projects and consultancy services.
  • Per project – The flat rate will include planning, execution, project management, and consultancy services.
  • Commission-based – They will earn a fee from the discounted prices of suppliers.
  • Percentage – The designer charges a percentage of the cost of contractors, furniture, supplies, and materials

What determines the cost of an interior design project?

We cannot speak for all designers because there are too many different factors influencing the final cost of interior design. However, we can say that the fee is always dependent on several key aspects, including the working hours, size of the project, and cost of interior design tools.


The nature of the project is the most important in determining the cost of the project. An example is designing a small office or room will never cost as much as designing a completely new home.


The design’s complexity will always determine the final cost. For example, hiring a designer for consultation on color swatches will never cost as much as hiring them to handle the purchase of furniture, rugs, and lighting lamps.


The ultimate cost will always depend on your budget. The interior designer analyses your budget and tells you what you can achieve. The interior designer in Manhattan can put the project on hold and offer advice on how best to work with your financial parameters.

Hiring the most affordable interior designer

We highly recommend hiring interior designers who have professional experience and ensure flexibility for all kinds of projects. We are a company with trusted and affordable designers who can give you multiple quotes to match any project. Of course, you must communicate all your project needs to put together the best possible quotes.

Mirage Decorators treat your home like an investment and will budget according to your discretion. Therefore, we only splurge on most essential pieces to you and save on accent pieces that are affordable from multiple sellers, such as mats and rugs. Get in touch at 909-907-2692 for an in-depth consultation.

Interior Designer Manhattan Beach
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Interior Designer Manhattan Beach
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