Marble Countertops Edmonton

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Marble Countertops Edmonton

Marvelous marble has been used to decorate homes, churches, and public places for thousands of years. The popularity of marble in masonry dates back to ancient Greece where it was quarried to build architectural pillars and artistic sculptures.

How the marble in your Edmonton countertops was formed

When limestone or sedimentary dolomite found deep inside the earth's crust is subjected to intense heat and pressure over time, the materials within go through a metamorphosis, or change. Impurities that are present in limestone or dolomite during this lengthy natural process contribute to the color of marble.

Pure calcite makes for a lovely white coloured marble, whereas the incorporation of hematite imparts a reddish hue. Limonite gives marble a buttery yellow hue, and a mineral known as serpentine lends a subtle greenish tone to the marble, according to the geology department at Cochise College in Arizona.

Beautiful benefits of marble countertops

Homeowners who sport a unique sense of style are delighted when they find out that no two marble countertops in Edmonton are exactly alike. Because marble is made in nature, the color and pattern variations are virtually limitless. Each slab of marble varies from the other, so every countertop is different.

Long-lasting and lovely, marble is one of the most durable countertop surfaces around. The hard-wearing stone is less impervious to heat than granite, however, so you will want to use a trivet when you transfer a hot pot directly from the stove to your marble countertop.

Marble maintains a cool surface temperature which makes it an ideal countertop on which to roll out pastry dough. Chefs who bake cookies appreciate the smooth, cool surface provided by marble countertops in Edmonton.

Marble is relatively easy to work with. A skilled craftsman at Wild Rose Granite can cut marble slabs to just about any custom shape you can imagine. Want fancy edges on your countertops? Marble is the material to choose. For a one-of-a-kind kitchen, vanity, or laundry room counter, nothing compares to the maneuverability of marble.

Marble countertops in Edmonton are elegance personified. Luminous and luxurious, marble adds a subtle sheen that is unmatched by granite, soapstone, or man-made materials. Marble may impart elegance and beauty to bathrooms, laundry rooms, bars, and kitchens.

Despite its extravagant appearance, marble countertops Edmonton may actually cost less than granite or quartz countertops of comparable dimension. Of course, pricing depends on the precise stone used as well as the thickness of the slab.

Maintenance of your marble countertop

Handle with care for maximum longevity and appearance. Offer regular cleaning with a soft sponge, warm water, and a gentle detergent. Wipe spills as soon as they happen, and always dry with a soft cloth after cleaning your marble countertops in Edmonton or wherever you happen to be.

If you have your new marble countertops treated with a protective sealer at the time of installation, they're sure to resist stains for a longer period of time. Sealer should be reapplied every few years or oftener in areas of hard use.







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