Miami Hurricane Damage

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Hurricanes are Mother Nature's little way of reminding us that she's in full control of our planet. Here in South Florida, we are a bit spoiled by the beautiful temperatures and beaches that surround us, and hurricanes come with the territory. Still, we should all be prepared for the inevitable, and when a hurricane does damage our home or establishment, we need to act quickly to get it repaired.

All-Pro Restoration Services is a Miami hurricane damage cleanup and restoration company in a nutshell, although we are much more than that at our core! All-Pro Restoration Services is an IICRC certified firm, which means that our company and our technicians follow the most stringent protocols and best practices at all times.

There's No Such Thing as Minor Hurricane Damage

Minor hurricanes can still cause major damage to us personally. Sometimes, the extent of the hurricane damage can be so severe that a homeowner may feel hopeless and think that the only viable solution is to start over. Sadly, this is the case sometimes, but more often than not, All-Pro Restoration Services can restore and refurbish a home back to pre-loss condition if we are contacted immediately after the catastrophic damage occurs. You'd probably be amazed at the before and afters of many of our transformation projects. Feel free to ask to see our portfolio.

Document Everything

When a hurricane strikes your home or establishment, it is crucial that you reach out to an IICRC certified firm, such as All-Pro Restoration Services, right away. Waiting too long to get started can harm your insurance claim. Call us right away if you have suffered hurricane damage to a residential or commercial structure. It is important that we begin documenting the damage right away. This includes taking notes of dates, who you talked to, what was said, etc. You should be taking video and or pictures showing the results of the damage. All of this is important for your insurance claim.

All-Pro Can Help You

All-Pro Restoration Services can help with this process. We can have a certified inspector work with you to process your claim as fast as possible. We know how to speak and deal with the insurance companies, and we'll help you to get your payout ASAP. We can help with inspection, mitigation, and restoration so you only have to work with one company throughout the project's entirety.

When your home or establishment suffers hurricane damage, the insurance company expects you to do your part to mitigate the damage and prevent it from worsening. This could be something as simple as placing some tarp over a damaged area of the roof to prevent water entry into the home or removing existing standing water. The idea is that the insurance company wants you to keep your claim as low as possible. Some of these tasks may be handled on your own, but in all likelihood, you should probably hire a Miami hurricane damage restoration company like All-Pro Restoration Services.

Miami Hurricane Damage
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