Virginia Beach house cleaning services

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Virginia Beach house cleaning services

A clean home is important for different reasons. Living in a clean home is more comfortable. Nothing beats the joy and satisfaction of walking into a deeply cleaned home. It also makes your house beautiful and makes your guests appreciate it whenever they visit. Hiring Virginia Beach house cleaning services gives you an opportunity to do something else with your time. Perhaps spending quality time with your family or attending a few classes that you have been putting off. At Smart Living Home Repair Services, we will help you keep your house spotlessly clean, whether you are hosting an event or doing regular house cleaning. 


Average Cost of Specific House Cleaning Services and Plans


Getting professional cleaning service is definitely a worthy investment. Whether you want one-time house cleaning or you need repeat services, the costs will depend on various factors. The average cost of cleaning a house varies based on the type and size of your home. We offer the following services:


House Cleaning


House cleaning is often divided into two types of services. One-time cleaning service and repeat services. For one-time cleaning, we’ll come into your house, pay attention to every nook and cranny, clean your home from top to bottom, and leave. However, repeat services involve making arrangements for frequent home cleaning services in Virginia Beach, either weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly depending on your specific needs. 


One-Time Cleaning


One-time cleaning is a bit more expensive compared to the other kinds of cleaning services since, as the name implies, you’re receiving the service once. This also entails deep cleaning your house, and it can cost around $400. 


Regular Cleaning


This is more frequent cleaning than other cleaning options and is also less costly. Here, the cleaners are more familiar with the house and are able to deliver general cleaning services. Regular Virginia Beach house cleaning is one of the simplest forms of cleaning that you can access from our second to none house cleaning services in Virginia Beach. Our professionals will come into your home for routine cleaning, and the average cost ranges between $75 and $175. However, all the prices will also depend on the size of your property, among other factors. 


Our other cleaning services include:


Moving Cleaning


You may need professional cleaning services when you’re moving out or moving into a house. Moving cleaning is similar to deep cleaning as it covers cleaning your residence thoroughly, such as spots previously covered by appliances and furniture. 


Spring or Deep Cleaning


This type of cleaning is more extensive than regular cleaning. It is also time-consuming as it involves scrubbing and cleaning floors, toilets, and bathrooms, washing the hidden, hard to reach areas, polishing wooden surfaces, and other services. We provide the best cleaning service in Virginia Beach, and it costs an average of between $200 and $375. 


Expert House Cleaning Services




Whatever cleaning services you require for your house, we are skilled in delivering top-notch Virginia Beach house cleaning services at affordable rates. We also provide additional services such as furniture, carpet, window, and gutter cleaning. For the best house cleaning services, contact Smart Living Home Repair Services on (888) 758-9103. Click here additional information.

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